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'Our CNC machines are accurate to
one hundredth of a millimetre.'
'So what?' you may ask.

If the finish on one of our parts were to be just a fraction out, it wouldn't perform as well. Its working life would be shorter. And you wouldn't get the outstanding quality people associate with the Haigh name.

So accuracy is vitally important to us. And is a good example of how we approach everything in our business: with care, attention to detail and an understanding of what counts.

Haigh Macerators and Waste Water Treatment Systems

Designed, manufactured and assembled by us to do the job for you. Every time.


The most reliable pulp
macerators you can buy

A key part of your infection
control plan

Waste Water Treatment

Screening, separation and
compaction equipment

Whole inlet systems or single units

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Haigh Engineering Company Ltd

We've been around since 1955, applying the principles of maceration to new processes, new industries and new markets. Over the years we've developed our design, manufacturing and production processes to combine what's proven with cutting-edge technology and practices. But we remain what we've always been. Excellent engineers.

Known globally, we've earned our reputation for technical innovation and product performance by maintaining extraordinary attention to detail across all that we do.  We're proud to be a UK manufacturer and supplier of products that have a long and effective service life. Visit our group website to learn more.